Hospital Income Generating Projects

The hospital has acquired a large piece of land with an intention of expanding the income base of the hospital to ensure self-sustainability. Therefore,  the hospital launched several Income-Generating projects, which include the following;

  • Nabulago Farm: The hospital owns a large piece of land of about 90 acres for farming and animal husbandry. Currently, there are three main activities carried out on the farm; coffee planting,     piggery, and cassava growing growing is in its early stages about three acres have been planted and a nursery bed of over 5000 coffee seedlings is prepared for the next  season.
    Coffee farm                                                                                                                                               Cassava is grown in stages; two to three acres are grown per season and we have the ready market of all the harvest regardless of the quantity produced from the schools around the hospital cassava plantationand other people in the neighboring towns of Nyendo and Masaka respectively. We also include cassava on our meals in the Hospital especially when the supply is too much from the farm.     However, much as the Hospital some times eat cassava, it is not because of the lack of market, but because staffs also have a desire for cassava.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Piggery; we have a pig sty that can accommodate over 50 pigs and piglets. we usually sale off the piglets in the re-integration program of the VVF beneficiaries. We have the desire to expand these income generating projects of Nabulago farm but only limited by finance.

giving out piglets by the directorpig stypiglets by mother Winniep


  • Kitwe Eucalyptus Trees Project: It is a project with eucalyptus trees covering 7 acres of land which trees are either sold or left to grow big for firewood use at the hospital (schools and programs).
  • Kampala Rental House: The Hospital owns a house located at Old Kampala just a few meters away from the city centre.  It is rented out for certain periods; at the moment it is housing as a Hotel with 10 rooms, two bars and a restaurant.
  • Workshops, Seminars and Medical Elective Practicum. The hospital has a guest house for offering accommodation and meals to visitors who come for seminars and workshops as well as medical students who come for practical experience.
  • Poultry Project: This project provides eggs to the Nutrition and rehabilitation unit of the hpoultry househospital. Usually, a tray of eggs is supplied to this unit per week. The surplus is sold to sustain the project and support the local income vote for the hospital.



  • Walungi farm cattle project: This project was mainly started with the purpose of minimizing the cost of milk for the Nutrition and the rehabilitation unit of the hospital and it has been expanded with two more cows to provide the milk to the VVF program. Currently, we have 5 cows and two heifers in totalWalngi Farm

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