Supportive Services

Pastoral Care and Counseling Unit

The Pastoral Care Unit of Kitovu has existed since 1986, providing psycho social and pastoral care, as well as counseling to those in need.  Kitovu has a full time Chaplain, Father Joseph Matovu, who is responsible for spiritual assistance for the sick.  He is assisted by three trained pastoral care givers.  As well as celebrating Masses every day for patients and staff, the Chaplain visits patients in the wards and OPD.  Pastoral care is available 24 hours a day every day.

Among the benefits of the Pastoral Care Unit are:

  • Stability on the wards due to patients’ peacefulness despite their sufferings
  • Proper and peaceful termination from life to embrace death, if inevitable
  • Improved patient care through spiritual training attended by the staff
  • Appreciated hospital care service due to attention given to the whole person

Social Workers Office

The Social Workers Office is a very important link between the Hospital, which, as it is non-governmental is dependent on its patients payments, and its clients, which are often found to be the poorest of the poor. It does so through:

  • enabling patients to keep in touch with their family relatives and local communities in case of accidents and other emergency cases
  • facilitating needy, deserving and abandoned patients with food, soap, money for the transport back home, etc.
  • permitting attendants who fall sick on wards to access medical treatment and pay afterwards, when their relatives arrive
  • linking the needy and deserving cases with people who are willing to help them
  • linking the terminally ill with palliative care services
  • enabling patients and their relatives to organize for payment of the hospital bills on, or before discharge
  • organizing burials of the needy, abandoned patients and the no-relative cases who die in the Hospital
  • authorizing issue of invoices for the treatment cost of the economically disadvantaged and works out plans with them for payment at a future date
  • handling and recommending for treatment of needy cases like the chronically sick, orphans, destitute, elderly, widows and physically and mentally handicapped, who are often unable to meet the full cost of their medication.

Antenatal Clinic

An Antenatal Clinic is run at Kitovu Hospital three times a week.  Expecting mothers attend the Ante Natal Clinic for check ups and also to listen to talks and discussions on health education.  This is also where mothers can bring their new born babies for check ups and immunizations.

The topics covered in the Health Education Talks are:

  • Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (P.M.T.C.T.)
  • Minor disorders of pregnancy
  • Immunization
  • Why should mothers come to the Ante Natal Clinic?
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • The study of the Ante Natal Clinic card
  • General questions we get from mothers related to pregnancy
  • Family planning
  • The difference between true and false labor
  • Danger signs and symptoms during pregnancy
  • Conditions for Caesarean section
  • Hygiene during pregnancy
  • How to keep fit during pregnancy
  • Maama kit
  • Prevention of Malaria
  • Importance of breast feeding
  • When to start attending Ante Natal Clinic
  • Native medicine
  • Dangers of home deliveries and benefits of health facility delivery
  • Why do we get medicine when we are not sick? (For example antimalarial prophylaxis during pregnancy, iron supplements and folic acid.)
  • Causes of VVF (Vesico Vaginal Fistula) and RVF (Recto Vaginal Fistula)

In 2010/11 new attendance at the Ante natal clinic was increased by 15%.  And children immunized in the Masaka district has increased by 5%.

Chemotherapy/Palliative Care Services

Chemotherapy/palliative care is provided at Kitovu Hospital under the guidance of Uganda Cancer Institute.

Most patients are referred to Kitovu Hospital by Kitovu Mobile Palliative Care, Medical Research Council, TASO and Uganda Cares.  Kitovu Mobile Palliative Care offers the only cancer chemotherapy service outside Kampala City, especially to children with Burkitts lymphoma.


A well equipped and highly professional laboratory is one of the assets of the hospital.

Regional Blood Bank

Kitovu Blood Bank serves health facilities in six districts including Masaka.  The hospital collects blood for donors and screens it for HIV and Hepatitis B before distributing it to the different hospitals and Health Centres of the region.  It provides packed cells for children, especially those under five years of age, fresh plasma for surgical patients and whole blood.  The Blood Bank is run by competent and experienced staff.  Some go out for field collections while others remain at the hospital to carry out blood screening.  More than 50% of the blood that is collected falls into the Group O type.

In the financial year 2010/11 Kitovu Blood Bank collected 8,192 donations of blood which allowed Kitovu Hospital alone to transfuse 4,219 units.


The pharmacy is one of the busiest department throughout the year. This year it experienced major stock outs due to increased numbers of poor patients and high cost of drugs.

X-Ray and Ultrasound

X-Ray services are provided to patients at Kitovu Hospital.  However the machine is very old and offers limited services.  In 2010/11 1,034 x-rays were done at the hospital.  The commonest X-rays are Chest X-rays (68.6%), Lower Extremities (14.4%), and Upper Extremities (9.5%).

The hospital also has an ultrasound scanner that is used for various scans, abdominal, pelvic, obstetric scans.  In 2010/11 1,250 scans were done at the hospital.