Specialist Clinics

Tuberculosis and Leprosy services
The hospital follows the National Tuberculosis/Leprosy program guidelines. Patients suspected or diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) are admitted through the OPD and discharged by doctors on wards after diagnosis and initiating treatment.
Every patient with Tuberculosis attending the OPD or admitted to the wards is tested for HIV and all HIV positive patients are screened for tuberculosis.
The following are some of the guidelines used when managing patients with TB at Kitovu hospital:
– TB patients are Isolated
– TB patients are referred to the nearest health centres for community based directly observed treatment (DOT).
– TB treatment is free of charge
– TB patients on category 1, 2, 3 treatments have to come back for review after 2 and 5 months of treatment for a follow up sputum analysis and Chest X-ray.
– When all T.B patient categories come back for review, consultation and lab investigation are done at a minimal service fee.
TB treatment is according to the ministry of health guidelines.

Palliative and Chemotherapy Services
The hospital has one clinical officer who has been trained on palliative care. There is still no hospital based palliative care team and currently most of the patients are referred to Kitovu Mobile palliative care department for palliative care services. The hospital is however hoping to send some nurses for training when funds are available so that we can also have a complete hospital based palliative care team.

Chemotherapy is also offered at the hospital with the support of Kitovu Mobile palliative care team. Majority of the patients are children suffering from Burkits Lympoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and adult HIV patients suffering from Kaposis Sarcoma.
We are very grateful for the collaboration with all the above organisations in caring for our patients.