Paediatric/Children’s Ward

The Children’s Ward is the largest single ward in Kitovu Hospital.  It has about 60 beds for acute patients, and includes an isolation room which is used for infectious patients, but also for babies and children with tetanus who benefit from the quiet environment.  We are flexible, and at times, whole bays become “isolation bays”, such as during an outbreak of measles.  Also during Malaria peak season the ward is sometimes filled with more than three times the usual capacity.

The Children’s Ward has an inpatient service, caring for sick children with conditions like malaria, pneumonia and a wide range of other conditions. Our “High Dependency room” helps to ensure that the sickest of our patients receive the highest level of observation and care.   There is also a twice-weekly outpatient clinic held in the ward.

There is a ‘Public Health’ focus which identifies un-vaccinated children and ensures that they are vaccinated before discharge.  By doing this we aim to reduce the risk of avoidable illnesses and outbreaks.

The Paediatric team is responsible for reviewing the patients on the Nutrition Ward at least twice a week, and also offers medical support to the Baby Unit (for sick and premature newborns).

We aim to have a formal teaching session at least once a week, at which staff from other wards are welcome, covering common paediatric conditions, as well as other topics of interest, generally chosen by our junior staff.